How to wear spank!/pop kei fashion~*


Here's a simple fashion how to ^^ ...~

1.Get to know the style
Read about Pop Kei/spank fashion,find some colorful inspirations on the internet. (But remember you need to keep it cute and childish mixed with a bit of japanese kawaii fashion.) It shouldn't look provocative or adult like.
Read Here
And Here

2.Basic colors and patterns used
If you want to have your own dream pop kei clothes collection you should firstly buy some basic shirts in colors like these: 

                                                         Lavander & Mint


                                               Black & Neon Green & Light Pink

                                                       Light Blue & Pastel Yellow

Purple & Gray

 And these are the basic patterns:
Clouds,clouds with rainbows,geometric patterns,stars,polka dot,hearts,lightnings,stripes. Here's an awesome blog with patterns





3.Common Textures

Some common textures that are used,such as:

-Fuzzy or furry
In these pictures try to notice the mentioned textures on clothes but also the accessories and bags ^.^

4.Must have things
For the begging you should have this in your closet
-Simple,plain tops with cartoon characters -even better if the top has ruffles or lace
-Light denim jacket
-Ruffled skirt
-Pencil skirt with patterns or in pastel color
-Pastel harem pants
-Polka dot leggings or tights 
-Pastel colored and/or patterned tights/leggings
-Colorful, chunky sneakers
-Converse shoes
-Pastel Reeboks
-Cute middle pumps
-Fluffy vest
-Big knitted sweater 
-Denim shorts
-Satin dress-that looks more like sleeping gown,very girly and cute
-Plushy scarf,gloves and socks
-Huge and small hair bows

5.Spank/Pop Kei cartoon characters

  • Care Bears

  •  My Little Pony 


  • Rainbow Brite  

  • Barbie                                                                                          


  • Lisa Frank  



  • Popples

6.Famous motifs

Some of the most famous motifs that are used as jewelry,accessories,patterns,bag shapes,etc..

*Stars/Shooting stars
*Cute animals
*Ribbons & Bows
*Music Notes

7.Popular Animes

Creamy Mami is a great fairy kei fashion idol! Her pastel lavender hair and adorable fashion are so cute!

Sailor Moon


There isn't any particular rule on how should Spank/Pop kei hairstyle look,but based on the pictures there are two types:

1.Super flashy and colorful hairstyle-for more fun and 80's party themed look

2.Cute bun,pigtail,straight/curly or ponytail hair-Usually mixed with 2 colors(highlights),ombre or colored bangs,but you can wear your natural hair. (The most important part are the accessories actually,so you don't have to worry if you can't afford a wig or changing your hair color)

9.Make Up

Ok,so the make up is the easiest part. There isn't any strict rule about the make up,but keep it simple and cute. The main part of your make up could be the color of your eye shadow or lipstick. Use soft colors,but on the eyes you can use more flashy colors...But in the end just keep in mind that it should match your outfit ^^

10.Final Summation

When you are wearing this style don't care what others think.Be yourself and be happy. If you do have some confidence problems put your earphones in and play some uplifting music to get you in the mood and after few minutes you will be strutting through the city like you are on a catwalk...P.S. You don't have to strictly  follow the rules,you can always add your touch and play with the fashion ^^ ...

                                                 Good Luck ;D

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  1. very informative post! i agree; makeup is the easiest part of it haha

    xo; L&M

  2. Adorable post! These are all the toys I played with as a little girl. Maybe you can add the original Strawberry Shortcake :) Thank you for your work here.

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