cute pixel rooms

Kawaii Interior Inspiration~*


I was looking for some cute room ideas,but couldn't find anything that I really like. But than,I remembered about those cute little pixel rooms (I think they are Korean?) . I don't know why but they are so cute and look so comfortable and relaxing. Soon I will redecorate my room and I will try to make it look like these cute rooms as much as possible. 

classic lolita

Lolita Graphics~*


I remember that I was surfing on the internet some time ago and found really super cute lolitas...Unfortunately I don't know the source,I just remember finding it on some Taiwanese forum.


Hime Gyaru Jewelry and Accessories~*


Hime Gyaru style has the prettiest and the most girly accessories and jewelry in my opinion ^^ ... These are some stuff that I would like to buy,but also going to make myself (DIY time :3 ) .I also found some really cute blogs that have Hime DIY tutorials (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ SO HAPPY !!!



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