Decora x Fairy Kei x Spank!


The japanese style cult of decora is so sharply childlike and cute it's like biting into bubblegum and razor-flavoured ice cream that's been kept on the icy moon of Europa for a month. If you're not afraid to wear 16 bows in your hair and three pairs of socks at once, decora may be the style for you.
The word 'decora' is simply a shortened version of 'decoration' and is mostly worn by young Japanese teens. It can often be mistaken as FRUiTS-Fashion to those outside Japan, but it's more about creating an aura of childlike playfulness or cuteness with layers, bright colors and kilos of jewelry. Popular items in Decora include Hello Kitty and Pokemon merchandise, bright plastic jewelry, coloured hair clips and bobbles and fuzzy boots. It's not about just throwing things together: A close look at some of the girls shows the huge degree of thought that's been put into their loud attire.
Decora girls usually wear: a lot of accessories,pink the most and other bright colors,animal pouches and bags,tons of hair clips and minimal make up,eye lenses,short frilly skirts and layered socks and tops.


Fairy kei is inspired by 80’s fashion's cute and colorful style. A  japan clothling brand that started the trend is called Spank, fairy kei is also called pop kei due to being very much girly and cute like barbie.Fairy kei is similar to decora because it's also includes a lot of accessories(but less than decoras) and layered clothing,but the main point is that Fairy kei only uses pastel,bright and gentle colors,so it's not so flashy as decora is..Most common patterns would be polka dot.Fairy kei is very cute and baby like.Hairstyles can variate from normal blonde to pink or mint green pigtails..Your accessories should match with your outfit like: stars,moons,unicorns,candy,bows and ribbons,teddy bears,etc...


Now a lot of people mix Fairy Kei and Spank and think that it's the same thing,but it's not..Fairy Kei kinda did originated from Spank but also mostly form Decora kei style..Lets explain it like this: Fairy Kei is more childish and almost always wears skirts and tons of accessories,while Spank is really colorful too but it's more serious.Spank can wear pants,dresses,tights,skirts and cute jumper suits.It's also does not includes a lot of accessories but if someone wear at least one accessorie it's going to be super flashy(well at least most of the times :P)..What's different between Spank and Fairy Kei is this: If you live in a country where people dress normally and would look at you weird if you are slightly standing out because of what are you wearing you would be more "accepted" as Spank than Fairy Kei (now i don't wanna offend anyone,i love both styles,but it's just how people who aren't into harajuku would react) because Spank girls wear casual clothing but much more flashyer and retro from the 80's..Here's a short history of Spank!  Spank is more Barbie like and i think i could even say more feminine.Sayuri Tabuchi, aka Tavuchi, is a well-known fashion figure in Tokyo. For years she’s been running Spank!, a hugely influential store and brand based in Tokyo’s Koenji neighborhood. Spank! and its Shibuya sister store Spank me! are perfect for those interested in 80s candy-coated pop culture. In the stores, you can find items such as vintage Vanilla Ice and Madonna t-shirts, Care Bears and everything a spank follower needs to keep in style.


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